Done with Scrum

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Jimmy Bogard gives 4 reasons why he’s done with Scrum. While his observations are valid, I think he makes the wrong conclusion. He’s not done with Scrum, but he evolved beyond strict, by-the-book Scrum. He says:

I remember just getting bored to tears listening to discussions around stories I wasn’t developing on to begin with. Eventually, we had to ask the question, “are these meetings providing the value we are paying for”. Yes, there was some value, but not near enough to warrant so much expense. I’m sitting in a meeting, thinking, “can’t I just start actually developing software”?

Instead, just about everything was JIT’d.

That’s exactly what I mean. From a strict, by-the-book Scrum, he (and this team) evolved to an agile application of the Scrum principles.

Ultimately, our goal is to continually deliver success.

And that’s the goal of Scrum (and all agile processes in general).

But he’s right about the difficulties of deploying Scrum in an organization.