There is no Production or Test Code - just Product Code

 — 1 minute read

Developers starting to delve into Test Driven Development or automatic testing in general often distinguish between production code and test code. Questions like

  • How much care do we need to apply for test code?
  • But I write so much more test code than production code. Doesn’t that slow me down?
  • Isn’t it cumbersome to write all this complicated test code?

The truth is that there is no difference in the importance or relevance of production and test code. It is both code that helps you deliver the requested functionality to your client.

The truth is that your client asked you to deliver a product to solve his problem. And the solution should be correct, stable, and maintainable.

And this code, the code that solves the client’s problem, consists of functional code and test code, both add different aspects to the resulting product. So in the end, you have product code.